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Voice Amp cover for 40mm NATO gas masks - 3D Printed ABS Plastic (canister only) - 3M 2200 mpr (merv13) filter media - m40/42 gas mask

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Galaxy Glow Filter Canisters come in 3 sizes: Nano, Regular, and Long. You may purchase one complete canister in any size with filtration or two in any size at a discounted price. Message me about large quantity orders for added discounts!

The EMPTY canister option allows you to fill it with your personal media at a discounted price!

These filter canisters will fit any mask that uses NATO 40mm threads!

Galaxy Glow Studio canisters use 3M's 2200 MPR (Microparticle Performance Rating) Media which equates to MERV 13; it will filter out almost all particulates in the air! This filter will remove most viruses as well!

The canister contains at least 8 layers of 3M's 2200 media in an airtight container that is guaranteed to fit and seal with your 40MM NATO Mask.

COMPLETE Canisters are made to order, with new materials, and ships vacuum sealed; with instructions and information visible from outside the packaging.

Multiple colors and sizes available!