About Galaxy Glow Studio

Galaxy Glow Studio was founded in 2017 by Joshua Oliva-Wax!
A one man operation which specializes in providing innovative 3D printed solutions to businesses and individuals. Joshua started with one printer purchased by splitting the cost with a good friend. Since then, the number of printers has grown and so too have the available items. New items are continually added! Currently Galaxy Glow Studio has more than 500 unique items available for sale!

Galaxy Glow Studio focuses on solving problems with never before seen products designed and manufactured by Joshua Oliva-Wax! Currently it specializes in custom aquarium products available to hobbyists around the world. 

This business is home to the "Floating Plant Corral" an ingenious invention of Joshua Oliva-Wax which allows hobbyists to better care for freshwater floating plants.
This shop also has the largest selection of filter baffles on the market! The problems associated with Hang on the back filters (HOB) are a thing of the past! Baffles are provided for all the filters currently available and multiple versions are available for each filter!