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Aquarium Floating Plant Corral! - 3D Printed Plastic - Self Adjusting, Multiple sizes, and colors!

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The ORIGINAL fresh and salt water floating plant corral! An original invention of Galaxy Glow Studio to keep your plants in place and out of your filter. Support the original inventor and creator - avoid imitators and copycats!

You may choose between 1, inch, 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, or 8 inches of clearance! The clearance dictates how much the water level can drop before the corral no longer is able to hold the plants in place. The more clearance, the more the waterline can drop! Tanks with large amounts of evaporation will benefit from more clearance, it also helps with large water changes!

Your order will include ONE pair of brackets in the size of your choosing (2, 4, 6, or 8 inch brackets) and 24 inches tubing.

Printed with ABS plastic - Aquarium safe! It is not recommended to purchase any PLA 3D printed items for use in an aquarium. Avoid shops that do not advertise what they print with!

The Floater Corral is a tested and trusted tool! It fits ALL tanks and it is guaranteed to keep your floating plants where you want them! This product will allow you to have a healthier, cleaner, and more professional looking tank!

PLEASE RUN HOT WATER THROUGH TUBING BEFORE INSTALLATION! This will relax the plastic and smooth out kinks and deformities formed during transit.

Floating plants are incredibly beneficial to your planted tank! They are able to absorb nutrients from the water column while being able to absorb CO2 from the air. This allows them to soak up excess nutrients and help prevent algae. They also provide cover and scaffolding for shrimp and fish.

Floating plants have a tendency to cover the surface and not allow light to penetrate. In large numbers they also inhibit proper gas exchange. In large numbers they also inhibit bettas from gulping air at the surface or feed. They can also get pushed down into the water by filter flow where they get stuck, die, decompose and release Ammonia.

The floater corral is designed to help decrease the issues with floating plants while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits! The corral will keep floaters in place, out of your filter flow, out of your filter. It will inhibit floaters from taking over the surface of your tank, thereby relieving you of many possible issues. It also allows you to have a nicer and healthier looking tank.