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Straight Betta Home, Axolotl Home, Corner Fish Hide - Pet Safe 3D Printed ABS Plastic

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Provide a beautiful corner home for your betta or other fish! Comes in multiple sizes - perfect fit for your fish!

This straight fish hide contains two entrances on either side, two entrances in the middle, and multiple aeration and view holes! Your betta (or fish) will be able to freely swim in and out of their new corner home!

Available in Different Sizes:

  • - SMALL, Perfect for smaller fish, small tanks, and sororities!
  • - MEDIUM, Perfect for Betta Fish!
  • - LARGE, Perfect for large fish! This version may not fit in some aquariums!

No need to worry about your betta getting stuck inside, it is easy to see within the curved betta home! These curved fish hides have no sharp edges or corners.

Printed with durable and aquarium safe ABS plastic!

Multiple colors available!

Ask about custom sizes or custom corner homes of any kind!