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Shrimp Home, Hide, Cave! - Aquarium Safe 3D Printed ABS Plastic

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This is the perfect shrimp home for your aquarium!

Printed in aquarium safe ABS plastic; this hide contains a latticework of entrances, levels, rooms, corridors, tunnels, and a large inner lower chamber! It has a LARGE inside surface area and can home a multitude of shrimp. This shrimp home is not an empty shell like other shrimp homes you may find. Galaxy Glow Studio's shrimp home is a structure with an inner lattice that provides a lot of detail on the inside!

All items have crevices large enough to house a pregnant adult female of a large size. All items fit inside of a 3 inch cube!

The outer layer has multiple areas onto which moss, anubias, or other non substrate plants can be attached! It acts as a perfect anchor and framework for aquarium plants and the subsequent growth adds more homes for your shrimp!