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Galaxy Glow Studio

Shrimp Feeder and Viewing Platform - For Shrimp feeding, viewing, study, & photography! Clear Version - Glass like! - 3D Printed Plastic

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This is the perfect shrimp feeder, viewing, study, and photography platform! Works well with Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina) and Crystal shrimp (Caridina)! Any type of fresh water or salt water shrimp! Works with snails too and allows you to attach moss and other plants to it!

If you are tired of trying to keep sinking shrimp pellets from crumbling into your substrate or from being eaten by your fish - this shrimp feeder and viewing platform will do the trick! Sinking pellets and other bottom dwelling foods can be provided with no need to get your hands or tools wet! Does an amazing job at keeping sinking and other foods in one spot! Makes clean up and uneaten food removal easy! Fish (specially betta fish) are not able to enter the shrimp feeding and viewing platform making this item fish safe! BETTA FISH SAFE!

If you are looking for a platform that will provide you with the perfect setting for photography and viewing of shrimp and small snails - this item is also perfect for you! Just add food, wait a few minutes, and soon you will have shrimp and snails inside for you to view, study, and photograph!

Item is 2 inches in wide and 6 inches in height. Stays on the glass! The entrance holes throughout this viewing platform will allow even adult females to enter and exit without any issues! Keeps them and their food safe as well as provides multiple attachment points for aquarium plants!

This item will glow under ALL ultraviolet lights; and may glow with SOME Blue Light, Moonlight, or Nighttime modes on aquarium lights!

PLEASE SOAK AND WASH THIS ITEM IN HOT WATER FOR A FEW MINUTES BEFORE INSTALLING IN YOUR AQUARIUM! Items are washed and fully cured after printing however a final wash is always recommended. Galaxy Glow Studio only uses high quality resin and resin printers for the safety of your aquarium!