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Self Adjusting Floating Plant Ring 3 Inch Diameter - 3D Printed ABS Plastic - Multiple colors!

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3 INCH Diameter self adjusting floating ring! It includes one suction cup bracket and one FREE 1.5 inch diameter ring with your purchase!

Perfect for Betta Fish!

Floating plants are incredibly beneficial to your planted tank! They are able to absorb nutrients from the water column while being able to absorb CO2 from the air. This allows them to soak up excess nutrients and help prevent algae. They also provide cover and scaffolding for shrimp and fish.

Floating plants have a tendency to cover the surface and not allow light to penetrate. In large numbers they also inhibit proper gas exchange. In large numbers they also inhibit bettas from gulping air at the surface or feed. They can also get pushed down into the water by filter flow where they get stuck, die, decompose and release Ammonia.