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Galaxy Glow Studio

Lycorma delicatula Passive Collection Trap V1

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According to USDA APHIS: "Spotted lanternflies are invasive and can be spread long distances by people who move infested material or items containing egg masses. If allowed to spread in the United States, this pest could seriously impact the country's grape, orchard, and logging industries."

In order to help combat this growing threat, Galaxy Glow Studio has worked in partnership with an accredited entomologist to create a passive trap designed specifically for this invasive pest. This item, when used with lures, can help home and trap Lycorma delicatula specimens.

This item is specifically designed to fit around 

Ailanthus altissima trunks. As the adults walk down the trunk, and the juveniles walk up, they encounter the trap and are funneled into one of seven housings. The entrances are designed to allow for easy ingress BUT difficult egress. This allows entomologists to set these traps and passively collect and monitor for Lycorma delicatula.

The Galaxy Glow Studio Lycorma delicatula Passive Collection Trap is 3D printed in ABS plastic for durability. It is a modular design allowing for easy installation and breakdown. Damaged pieces can easily be switched out if needed as well. The entire trap can be anchored to Ailanthus altissima trunks via screws.

Trap is 7 pieces per section and 7 sections in total. This item is VERSION 1.