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Floating Water Change Diffuser & Top Off Diffuser - Aquarium Safe 3D Printed ABS Plastic

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The ORIGINAL fresh and salt water floating water change and top off diffuser! An original invention of Galaxy Glow Studio to keep your substrate and plants in place while doing water changes or topping off your tank! Support the original inventor and creator - avoid imitators and copycats!

Upgrade your tank maintenance game with the Floating Water Change Top Off Diffuser!

This Item comes in FOUR sizes:
  • TINY: 1.5in diameter, this size is best for "Jarrariums" or anything smaller than 2 gallons!
  • STANDARD: 3.5in diameter, this size is perfect for using pitchers, airline tubing, or cups to top off your tank. Perfect for nano tanks or tanks up to 50 gallons!
  • LARGE: 5.5in diameter, this size is perfect for using hoses, python hoses, buckets, or multi gallon containers to top off!
  • HUGE: 8.5 inches in diameter, this thing is huge! If you need a huge diffuser for whatever reason, this is the one for you! Prints in (4) four separate pieces that are glued together before shipment!
Printed with ABS plastic - Aquarium safe! 

Top off your aquarium with confidence!
Do water changes without making a mess! Hands free!
Complete your tank maintenance in a fraction of the time!

This NEW and ORIGINAL aquarium top off and water change diffuser will solve all your issues! You can now pour water without fear of destructive turbulence. This Floating Diffuser will dampen strong flows created when topping off your tank. You can pour much quicker, thereby finishing your tank maintenance routine in a fraction of the time!

No more blown out substrate or stirred up silt! No more damaged plants! No more pushed aside fish or tank inhabitants!

This diffuser will stay at the water surface - simply pour into the dampening bell! As the water level rises, so too will the Floating Diffuser.