SQUARE Floating Water Change and Top Off Diffuser for Freshwater and Saltwater Fishtanks - 3D Printed - Aquarium Safe ABS Plastic!

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An original invention of Galaxy Glow Studio, the FLOATING WATER CHANGE AND TOP OFF DIFFUSER has now been improved! The newest VERSION 2 is even better than the much loved ORIGINAL FLOATING WATER CHANGE AND TOP OFF DIFFUSER! Works with freshwater and saltwater fishtanks! 

No more blown out substrate or stirred up silt! No more damaged plants! No more pushed aside fish or tank inhabitants! Do water changes without making a mess! Hands free! 

Two sizes:

  • STANDARD: 5.5 inches in diameter! Works with most tanks between 10 gallons up to 100 gallons! The best option for most tanks!
  • SMALL: 4.5 inches in diameter! Works with tanks between 1 gallon up to 20 gallons! Perfect for those who prefer smaller items, pour much more slowly, or from smaller containers.

This tool is the perfect item to keep your substrate and plants in place while doing water changes or topping off your tank! Support the original inventor and creator - avoid imitators and copycats!

  • No need to attach to your tanks rim to keep it in place! Works with rimmed and rimless tanks!
  • No brackets needed to keep it in place! No suction cups to worry about!
  • Rises and falls with your waterline!
  • Stays in place! No need to chase this diffuser around - Just place on a corner & that is where it will stay!
  • Floats with ease! Pour as fast as you like with no fear of sinking this diffuser!
  • Pushes water along surface, not downwards!
  • No need to worry about cratering or disturbing your substrate! NONE of the flow is pushed downwards!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! Hands down the best diffuser available anywhere!

Upgrade your tank maintenance game with the newest VERSION 2 Floating Water Change and Top Off Diffuser!

The best option for those who are impatient (like me) and want to dump as much water as possible as fast as possible. You can pour much quicker, thereby finishing your tank maintenance routine in a fraction of the time!

Printed with ABS plastic - Aquarium safe! It is not recommended to purchase any PLA 3D printed items for use in an aquarium. Avoid shops that do not advertise what they print with!

Can be printed in multiple colors and in multiple custom sizes!